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Mexican crises for self-inflicted pain

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Mexican soccer needs controversy. Where none is it has to be devised.The information this month which members of this group had stayed out late has felt like a catastrophe, and much more like slipping into a comfy pair of sneakers. Mexican clubs do not necessarily thrive on drama, but its existence feels more natural compared to its lack. After all, even if there is 1 nation's press which may transcend England for beating on its soccer team, it's Mexico's.The present inquest to the habits of the Mexican group appear favorably PG in contrast to some episodes from the national group's past. In 2011, the group competing at the Gold Cup dropped five players into a doping test that saw traces of the banned substance clenbuterol.

Any other squad could have been floored by dropping almost a quarter of its own members but Mexico finally won the championship, beating the US 4-2 in the final.All the while the national press, the federation and the authorities made claims and counter claims concerning whether contaminated meat has been in the source of the positive evaluations. The media originally thundered the gamers were guilty, the agriculture ministry set out claims insisting that poultry was safe to consume, and also the federation bravely prevaricated, until finally coming out to the face of the accused players, that tested negative in another round of evaluations.Unexpectedly, that was not even the largest meltdown this year. Around precisely the exact same time that the Mexican U-21 staff were planning to compete in Copa America -- Concacaf with arranged the Mexican federation to play with a complete strength team at the Gold Cup to maintain the integrity of this championship. Regrettably for the Mexicans, an impromptu party in their hotel after the match resulted in a players whining that things were stolen from their chambers, which subsequently resulted in a resort manager showing to the press that the attendees in the soiree had comprised prostitutes. agen judi bola

Eight players were shipped home, though in fairness they might claim they were just following team heritage -- two mature players were suspended and 10 fined after a second celebration in Monterrey at September 2010 also contained prostitutes one of the guests.You might even add in El Tri's absence from the 1990 World Cup once they had been prohibited for fielding overage players in a youth championship; drug evaluation disasters before championships in 1999 and 2005, which also watched players shipped home; or to get variety add-in the whole team threatening to go on strike ahead of the group's first Copa America look in 1993, over the Mexican transport system, which the gamers dared to captivity. Persuaded to perform, and with all the printing presses back house clattering thankfully, the group reached the final.And then there was that the 2014 World Cup qualifying effort, where Mexico characterized from the skin of the teeth as a result of the intervention of the united states.


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