More BAME Managers Needed to Support the Fight Against Racism

  • June 12, 2020
BAME Managers

It is the issue of racism that recently surfaced once more time after the death of George Floyd in the US. That affects a lot of communities around the globe including the Premier League community. According to Raheem Sterling, the fight against any form of racism will only come at the strength of football when more black managers are around. There have been many black players in the football community but when it comes to managers the reality is different. He acknowledged the anti-racism marches in the UK as a form of support to fight racism following the recent tragedy in the US.

He fully supports the movement to protest against what happened in the US to George Floyd. Yet, that is just a form of support to gather and express a protest like that. Unfortunately according to him, that will not change the actual situation about racism in any place of the world today. That includes the world of football. Although FIFA has always screamed about its campaign of Say No to Racism, which remains a problem in the scope of the world’s most popular sport. Racism will always be an issue to handle without any strong change in society today.

Specifically Sterling addresses the Premier League community. Black people and others included in BAME will need to be multiplied in numbers within the scope of coaching staff and administrators of British football in general. Providing them the chance to be in charge of bigger things in society will greatly help shape the community in treating BAME. That will deliver stronger impacts than just protesting whenever something related to racism happened. All of those blacks, Asians, and minority ethnicities need to have representatives in the hierarchy of British football to show that the British community really is against any form of racism.

All across different competitions in British football alone there are about 500 players. A third of that amount is black so that it is quite unquestionable not to have black people in the coaching staff let alone in the hierarchy of the football organization in the UK. Fortunately, the Football Association of the UK has already posted a thing related to that matter. Reported by judibolaterbaik In 2018 it was targeted that 5% of the leadership and 13% of the coaching staff are BAME. That has been increased further for the year 2021 with 11% for the leadership and 20% for the coaching staff.

Lastly, Sterling delivers an example of the managerial careers of 4 former England internationals. Frank Lampard is one of them who has already felt the comfort of coaching Chelsea. Another one of the players is Steven Gerrard who has been holding the manager role of Rangers. On the other hand, Ashley Cole just managed Chelsea’s Under-15s while Sol Campbell managed only Southend and Macclesfield of the lower level of British football competitions. Hopefully, that will change in the future with the 11% and 20% plan of FA for BAME in the higher hierarchy of British football community.

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