What will be the Next Move of Mario Balotelli after Leaving Brescia?

  • June 12, 2020
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Mario Balotelli is a popular name in the world of European football. The Italian has been around some of the biggest clubs in Europe for the last several years. There was a time that he performed well and amidst the fiercest front runners feared by goalkeepers and defenders alike. Unfortunately, the latest situation of Balotelli is not much of a good situation for a good footballer. Sadly, after a terrible set of things following his move to Brescia, his contract is terminated. That leads to a highly uncertain future of his career as a footballer.

According to maxbetsbobet website, In the summer of 2019 Balotelli joined Brescia as his return to the so-called his city. Brescia is exactly his hometown club where he finally returned to. He returned to the place where his journey as a footballer started with high hope to perform well once again. The contract with Brescia was initially a three-year contract. It means that he was supposed to stay with the club until the summer of 2022. Unfortunately, even before a year after the start of the contract, everything falls apart for Balotelli. The fairy tale return to his hometown club simply did not work out as he highly hoped previously.

It is like a déjà vu for Balotelli because it has been like that in the previous clubs. He was with Inter Milan, Manchester City, AC Milan, Liverpool, Nice, and Marseille previously. All of his times with those clubs end with a somewhat uncomfortable situation. He was inconsistent and controversial at the same time that affects the performance output desired by both the managers and the clubs. In the end, he even failed to recapture his best form with Brescia. He scored only 5 goals out of 19 appearances with Brescia since joining the team. That was not the performance the team wanted from him.

It turns out that Balotelli has been offered a consensual termination of the three-year contract back in March. At that time he refused to take that offer to leave the club in a good way. Eventually, it has happened recently that Massimo Cellino, the owner of the club finally instructed his lawyer to terminate the contract of Balotelli with the club. Previously it is known that Cellino has been very vocal about the lack of performance shown by Balotelli. Following that contract termination, the future of Balotelli is unclear. Hopefully, a chance will come to Balotelli once again for him to play a high level of football in the future.

It is an unfortunate situation for Balotelli as well as the club. The club’s head coach, Diego Lopez expected Balotelli to perform well in his hometown. It will be a good outcome for both Balotelli and Brescia if he performs well. Unfortunately, that is not what happened at all. Balotelli even faced the supporters’ racist chanting once again along his time with Brescia. He experienced that long ago when he was playing for Inter Milan. That may well be one of the factors that lead to his inconsistencies in terms of his performance with Brescia.

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